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Written by Louisette on Jul. 7, 2016
Congratulations for yours wonderfull golden, greeting from Belgium
Written by Mary Friedel-Hunt on May. 28, 2016
Hi Ellen, Kathy Wirka gave me your name...friend and trainer. She said you might be helpful in my getting a Golden. I lost my 12 1/2 year old sweet Bentley to lymphoma last month. With lots of homemade food, nutrients, and tlc he was feeling good for 23 months after diagnosis except for infections about every 3 months....but bounced back quickly. I am hoping to find a Golden that will not be too big. Bentley was 80 pounds and now that I am 76 I am thinking if I can find a Golden that is or will be 55 ish I would be better off when I am in my 80s. I am super healthy but still getting up there.
Written by Karen Winterkorn on Feb. 10, 2016
Hi Ellen, We are looking for a male golden. Do you plan on any spring or early summer litters? Karen
Written by Nadine on Jan. 27, 2016
Hi Ellen,
I am looking for a male to breed my female to. I am a friend of Louise Radnidge (Battley) and she recommended that I talk to you about "Giddy". I would love to talk to you further if you have a chance.
Thank you,
Written by Blake on Jun. 20, 2015
I am currently looking for a male or female puppy. About a year or two ago I had to watch as two of my most precious dogs passed from distemper. I'm not looking to breed dog. I just want a nice family puppy that we all can enjoy. I would like to know the pricing of these puppies and when I can get one. I would prefer a lighter color golden with fluffy fur and such as seen in the picture.
Written by Karen on Jun. 19, 2015
Hello. We are looking for a male puppy, as we recently put our precious 11 year old golden down due to cancer. We are golden lovers and have a long history with this wonderful breed.
Written by Hilary Menzies on May. 26, 2015
We are looking for a male puppy and would like to know if you are expecting any puppies.
Written by Jody Vetter on Nov. 14, 2014
Hello Jim and Ellen

My husband (Neil) and I were talking dogs and looking at pictures this morning, came across a Thanksgiving shot of me, my two dogs (Dusty and Betsy) and Amber at my childhood house (Greenbriar Ave, Stevens Point). I know I have a picture of Teaser as a puppy at the house, but could not locate it. Found a picture of Betsy, Dusty, and Socks. Wow, memory lane! Why no mention of Jazz? You hopefully know by now who this lengthy email is from...Jody? Those pictures led to me telling Neil about Hummie, the hummingbird I almost killed.

So nice to visit your website and hear that you are still doing what you love and are so good at. I remember those obedience classes at the YMCA.

Might be in the area (Waupaca) late January, might try and call and come ad visit.

Stay warm, your family is gorgeous,
Jody Vetter
Written by Russ on Jun. 6, 2014
Would like to know if any females are available. We have had 3 female Goldens and are looking to replace a female we had to recently put down.Thanks.
Written by Mary Anne Oemichen on Apr. 29, 2014
Hello Ellen,
I got your name from Maureen and Ron Austin in New Glarus, who have one of your female pups from a 2013 litter ("Holly"). I am very interested in a future litter--Holly was very sweet and I was especially liking her size, since it is so similar to our own dog's size. We have a 12 year old golden that we adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin and would like to add a smaller female golden to our family. We have a long history of having and loving goldens. I can give you more details in a private e-mail. Thank you!
Written by Darleen Harmon on Jan. 23, 2014
Hi Ellen,
This is Darleen Harmon from St. Louis, I had the blond female and dark red female in CCA. We were talking about male with good fronts and I wanted to know if you would let me know of some that you have seen at show or judging. I am looking for a male for the little female and was looking for ideas.
Written by Mark on May. 26, 2013
Hi Ellen, any chance we could get Lucy on thursady, due to us going up north that nite, please let us know, n yes Lucy that a name Nick wanted for his first child if it was a girl, so we have to name her that, Mark n Deb
Written by mark n Deb on May. 3, 2013
Morning, Any new pic's
Written by Amy Houchens on Dec. 24, 2011
Hello Ellen! Happy to see your new website and updates. Jacie (from Dahlia's first litter) has moved with us to Bend, OR. She is such a charmer and great family member. People here always ask where we got her. I even gave your name and information to someone out here! John is now working at the humane society and Jacie goes to work with him everyday. She is a favorite there for sure. Thanks for all your work and for providing us with the opportunity to add one of your babies to our lives!