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Written by Elizabeth Earley on Mar. 8, 2019
Marilyn Hartman recommended that I reach out to you.I am in search of a golden puppy and wondered if you were breeding this spring/summer?

If not, I would welcome any other breeder's information that you trust.

Thank you for your time!
Written by Susan Erb on Mar. 3, 2019
I am picking up an 8 week old yellow lab today and am interested in puppy classes!
Written by Olivia Stindt on Feb. 28, 2019
Wrong email, sorry!
Written by Olivia Stindt on Feb. 28, 2019
Hi! I was wondering if you have any plans for breeding this spring/summer? I fell in love with one of my friend's Goldens and she recommended you! Feel free to reach out with more information!
Written by Carl Klein on Jan. 15, 2019
Ellen, hello, we have met before, I lived in Point during 1976-1992, have been here in Wausau since 1992; had to put down my beloved 14.5 yr old Golden last year, got him in 2004 from Joan Boehning south of Marshfield, liked working with Joan but now she has switched to the English Cream colored goldens, I'm looking for the light gold/normal gold color. Do you have any plans this year or next year for any litters? If not do you have a breeder you could recommend to me? Email me or call me if you'd like at 715-359-6340, thank you very much.
Written by Jessica on Nov. 28, 2018
Ellen, enjoy your life!!
Written by Cori Heer on Jun. 25, 2018
I am interested in possibly using Gideon for my female. Could you please contact me back at your earliest convenience.
thank you in advance
Written by Jack on May. 28, 2018
Hello - We are looking for a male for the winter time. Do you have any upcoming breeding plans?

Thank you!!
Written by Ann Hanson on Apr. 14, 2018

I'd like some info about your puppy class. I have a now 9 week old that I would like to bring to that class when he is old enough and, of course, when you have a new class starting. Puppy is a Cavalier.
Written by Sharon Schmidt on Apr. 1, 2018
Hi! I was wondering if you had any Goldens at this time or maybe a litter to be born soon? Thank you in advance for your reply! Sincerely, Sharon
Written by Deb Jean on Feb. 20, 2018
Hi Ellen,
Our Mort, which we got from you 10+ years ago, just passed away in December. He was a wonderful friend. Are you planning any litters? We have a 5 year old golden now and are looking to add to the family.
Written by Pam Curtis on Dec. 31, 2017
We are looking to have a male golden retriever and wanted to know of any planned litters or available puppies. We just lost our male golden retreiver a few weeks ago and life just isn't the same without him💔🐾
Thank you for any information you can provide
Written by Sandy McFarland on Dec. 8, 2017
Hi Ellen,
We are not strangers.. One of my true heart dogs was Ariells Timberee 's Meant To Be.
To breed to Gideon I would be doing back into lines I love for type, talent and genetics. The girl I plan to breed is ( Timberee's Amazing Hailey Grace. ) She does not live with me which is why there are no titles of talent behind her name. She is a lovely girl, one I will always regret selling. I expect that she will be in season in January. I showed a son of hers' at Mile-Hi this past year who won the 12-18 month class both days. He is now in training for Hunt tests.
Please let me know if Gideon would be available for shipped semen. Thank you, Sandy
Written by Louisette on Jul. 7, 2016
Congratulations for yours wonderfull golden, greeting from Belgium
Written by Mary Friedel-Hunt on May. 28, 2016
Hi Ellen, Kathy Wirka gave me your name...friend and trainer. She said you might be helpful in my getting a Golden. I lost my 12 1/2 year old sweet Bentley to lymphoma last month. With lots of homemade food, nutrients, and tlc he was feeling good for 23 months after diagnosis except for infections about every 3 months....but bounced back quickly. I am hoping to find a Golden that will not be too big. Bentley was 80 pounds and now that I am 76 I am thinking if I can find a Golden that is or will be 55 ish I would be better off when I am in my 80s. I am super healthy but still getting up there.